Police search for three suspects in store shootout

It all started when three suspects entered a busy store on Castalia Street which bears the same name.

"Basically, there was a robbery and shooting," says Lt. Mickey Williams with Memphis Police. "The store owner was struck," he adds.

Police say the owner was trying to protect his store when he fired back. One of his bullets may have found its intended target.

"There is a person who turned up a local hospital at the same time that was hit by gunfire," says Williams. "It's not conclusive that it happened here," he adds.

Police say a customer was caught in the crossfire, hit by a bullet, but was not critically injured.

"My nerves is on edge," says Martha Richardson.

Richardson's two sisters and niece were inside the store at the time of the shooting. They escaped unscathed. She wishes the store owner had.

"It was surprising that something happened to this man here cause this man has been nothing but nice to people in this neighborhood," says Richardson.

She says the store gets really busy around the first of the month. Police say getting into a gunfight almost cost the store owner his life.

"As a rule, it is better to cooperate because most robbers want to get what they want and leave," says Lt. Williams.

As of Wednesday night, there were no specific descriptions of the suspects or a get-away vehicle.