Petition filed to recall Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton

With papers in hand Thursday, Thaddeus Matthews walked into the Shelby County Election Commission to submit his petition to recall Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton.

Matthews hopes his recall petition will put Herenton out of office.

"We in this community have complained about politicians, how they mislead us and misguide us. Now the opportunity is here to do something else about it," he said.

Matthews is a former radio talk show host and, often critic of Herenton. He said the mayor hasn't been honest with voters.

"We have a 25-30 million dollar deficit in this particular city and this mayor cannot tell the community where that money went."

If his petition is successful, Matthews will have to get 70,000 signatures to get the recall on the ballot. He said he plans to use supporters to help gather those signatures. Mathews will have 75 days to gather the signatures and submit them to the Election Commission.

"If you take only two hundred people, and those people get two hundred signatures, that's 40,000 signatures right there," he said.

Mathews said voters have had different reactions to the petition. He said he hopes those people will get the chance to have their say if his petition goes through.