Students charged with stealing mascot from Olive Branch High

Some Mid-South students could face felony charges, after breaking into a school and stealing part of a mascot costume.  Early Thursday morning, the Conquistador mascot was ripped from a front hallway case at Olive Branch High School.

"I thought it was someone from Southaven, because they painted a lot of stuff on there," said Jacob Wilkerson, a student at Olive Branch High. "It fooled a lot of people."

What fooled a lot of people was who actually committed the crime. Police charged four Olive Branch students. Investigators said at 2:45 Thursday morning, the students broke-in through a skylight, repelled down like cat burglars, stole the helmet, and left graffiti behind to make it look like rivals from Southaven did it.

Students at Olive Branch High suspected the theft simply amounted to a senior prank. But police and school officials didn't think it was funny, and now 4 Olive Branch Seniors, two 17 year-olds and two 18 year-olds are charged with felony burglary.

"We take this very seriously," said Olive Branch Police Department Major Don Gammage. "It's a burglary, and we're gonna act like we would with any other case."

Police have recovered the Conquistador helmet. Students meanwhile are still grasping how serious of a crime this is.

"It is a senior prank," said senior Cody Temple. "I promise they weren't planning on keeping it. They were gonna give it back."