Lauderdale County soldier returns from Iraq

It was all smiles and hugs at the Memphis International Airport Thursday afternoon, when a soldier from Lauderdale County reunited with his family.

Staff Sergeant Clifton Sanders is home from Iraq.

His mother, grandmother, cousin and five-year old son greeted him at the airport.

Bonnie Sanders says she's proud of her son's service, even though she worries about him while he's gone, especially when there is news of American casualties in Iraq.

"It just sends you into a nervous tizzy," she said. "You think about it all day long. That's all you think about, waiting to see. You kind of go through that selfish thing, too, where you think like you're being selfish because even though you feel like it wasn't your own, some mother or some wife or some family somewhere is devastated because they've lost someone they love."

Sanders plans to buy a boat while he's home, and spend time with his two young boys.

He's been in Iraq for the last five months.

Sanders said he wishes there were more reports of the good American soldiers are doing in Iraq.

"Everyday we build schools, we help all the schools stuff like that," he said. "We take out insurgents and stuff like that. We take out more bad people than we are good."

This is SSG Sanders' second tour in Iraq.

He was there for all of 2003 and expects to be there for at least another year when he returns.