Fulmer Says Recruiting Not What it Used to Be

Now that the first wave of signings are in for college football recruiting...the Tennessee Vols are in an unfamiliar position of NOT being ranked in the Top 10 in recruiting classes.

Needless to say, that has the Big Vol, head coach Phil Fulmer, facing some questioning fans at Thursday's Memphis-Shelby County Big Orange club recruiting party at the Hilton.

Fulmer is known as a great recruiter nationally...but, he says today's high profile athletes are into high level drama, keeping schools waiting, trying to game some extra media attention.

"you know, when you go on national television and you've got three hats sitting there and you're going to choose 1 of the three, when you've known for a month where you were going to go, that's wrong, because there's a lot of families and other kids that are being affected by that."

Also attending the rally, Tennessee's biggest recruit of the season, former Ole Miss Coach David Cutcliffe.

It's Cut's second go-round as the Vols Offensive Coordinator.

"it was the first time in 30 years this fall that I hadn't been part of getting a football team ready as a coach, so it was a very unusual feeling. But I used that time to reflect on a lot of things, to grow, to energize, and I'm really excited about the upcoming challenges in the spring."

Cutcliffe will try help Fulmer recover from his Worst season as Vols Head Coach, a 5-and-6 record with no bowl game.