One person in custody for shotgun robberies

Memphis police have a suspect in the shotgun robberies.

Action News 5 first brought you this story last week as a crime alert.

There have been a recent string of robberies in the 38111 zip code area. Three men were robbing people at gunpoint. That zip code includes the University of Memphis.

Several of these crimes have occurred just off campus. Tonight, Memphis police do confirm at least one suspect is in custody.

"Protect yourself and buy a stun gun," say signs that have popped up all around the University of Memphis since these robberies began.

"I mean, you don't want to get shot or held up, it's pretty scary," said Jacob Henley, a University of Memphis student who has a friend who had a shotgun shoved in his face. "He was leaving a party, talking with some buddies--the guy comes up and he thinks it's a joke and then turns around and the guy's got a shotgun."

His friend is one of at least six victims who looked down the barrel of a gun.

Two were sitting in their car in a convenience store parking lot. Two others were held-up at a nearby apartment building.

Police won't go into detail about the person in custody, but he is a suspect in this string of shotgun robberies and say other arrests could follow.

Leslie Williams works on campus and has been fearful since the shotgun robbers first struck.

"We don't need people like that hanging around here," she said.

She said she's noticed increased police presence around campus and hopes this crime spree has come to an end.

"I'm just glad they got a suspect and is working on the case and I hope they succeed in working on the case," said Williams. "Hopefully it's the guy, it's the right one, and he gets charged."

But until formal charges are filed or other suspects caught, they will continue to be on alert.