Police investigate possible murder-suicide

Memphis Police are investigating a possible murder-suicide.

It happened at the MIFA transitional housing facility on Peabody. Crime scene tape marks the door where a young woman and her boyfriend met a violent death, both stabbed.

Family members went to the apartment when they didn't hear from the woman and found her 3-year-old daughter wandering around the apartment.

Police then found the two bodies in the bedroom. They don't know how long the toddler was alone. The neighbor upstairs says she haunted by the killings.

"Sometimes I'm like man if I was here maybe I would have heard her scream or maybe I woulda heard this or maybe I woulda heard that. maybe I coulda called police," said neighbor LaKayle Wise.

Investigators haven't yet determined who did the stabbing. Meanwhile, the medical examiner is trying to figure out the cause and time of death.

MIFA sends their condolences to the family.