Local churches offer help to Alabama congregations

Sunday services went ahead as usual despite the federal investigation into half a dozen burned churches.

Members of the Rehobeth Baptist Church met in a fellowship hall across the street from their burned out sanctuary this morning.

Their church is one of six-set ablaze in Alabama late last week.

Church leaders say this morning's turnout is a testament to the faith of their congregations.

Five of the burned churches are in Bibb County, Alabama. Three of those were destroyed.

A sixth church in neighborhing Chilton County was also burned.

Local religious leaders say it doesn't matter where the churches were burned, the entire Christian community is affected.

Today members of the SCLC and the congregation at the Annesdale Cherokee Missionary Baptist Church teamed up to help victims. Both groups are collecting donations for the Alabama churches destroyed by fire.

Even so, Reverend Dwight Montgomery says there's more to do.

"Raising the money and talking about the issues is not enough," said Montgomery. "The faith based institutions and the civil rights organizations have to look at the root of the problem. We have to try to identify by trying to get information to the parents...help them be better parents and get communication out to the neighbors. Because it's not only just burning of the churches and disrespecting God's house or places of worship, but the whole issue of crime and violence in this community and across this nation."

Montgomery says even his own church was broken into twice last year. He says religious buildings everywhere are at risk.