Morning drug raids rope over 50 suspected drug dealers

At the crack of dawn Monday, dozens of officers huddled in Millington with 51 suspected dope dealers on the bulls eye.

Some had a lot to say, while others, like a public works employee, had few words. Police nabbed him on the job.

An early knock on the door led officers to a suspected cocaine dealer, and police said another suspect had sold ecstasy to an undercover officer.

"Basically, we're sending a message to these dope dealers that you're not gonna come out here and ply your wares, and make money off the misery of others," said Millington Police Chief Richard Jewell.

The city of Millington is attacking its drug dealing problem from the neck down by targeting suspected street-level dealers. Authorities said, though Millington is the smallest city in the county, it's not immune.

"The same problems that we see in the big city of Memphis, are the same problems we're seeing in Millington, Arlington, Collierville and Germantown," said Shelby County Sheriff Mark Luttrell.

With Operation Drug Free Millington far from over, law enforcement is looking for drug dealers to think twice.