Memphis Police identify gang members in suspected robbery ring

Memphis police officers are making major strides in a number of ongoing, unsolved cases. The department has been busy over the past couple of weeks, according to a flow chart released Monday.

There are 25 suspected members of the Vice Lords gang who are all part of what police called a loosely organized robbery ring. The ring operated mostly in the Mt. Moriah area of the East Precinct. Police caught up with the all of these people through one suspect- the man at the top of the flow chart: Terrence Taylor.

According to police, Taylor was involved in a carjacking and kidnapping on January 19th in the 5900 block of Swaying Pine. Police said Taylor left behind a fingerprint, and that's how he was caught.

They are a notorious and dangerous street gang," said MPD Lt. Darren Goods. "We take any type of gang involvement or criminal activity very seriously. We're going to do everything that we can to get these people off the street, and make sure they pay for their crimes."

Most of the suspects remained in custody Monday, but police said some have already posted bond.

Some victims were hurt during robberies and carjackings committed by gang members, and the DA's office has made firm commitment to prosecute the accused under its no deals policy.

If you have been victimized by any of the suspects police on the MPD's flow chart, the department wants to hear from you.