Shelby County School leaders discuss overcrowding and possible solutions

It was standing room only at

, a good example of the overcrowding at several schools in the district. School District leaders explained the overcrowding problem to parents and asked for ideas. But not everyone felt heard like parent Nick Tabor, "I think that holding this general session just to get us to come out but they've already dictated what they gonna use, what the money has been allocated for." Superintendent Bobby Webb says that's not true! He explained the district won't have a new high school for at least a year and he broke down the numbers for parents. Highland Oaks Elementary is more than 500 students over capacity. And

and Middle Schools are each over by about four hundred. Superintendent Bobby Webb Says the best hope for overcrowding is moving some middle school students into this old Schnucks store on Riverdale which would be remodeled into a school. Some parents, like Paula Watkins, aren't sold on that idea, "It's a little hard to get past that it's a grocery store and my children might end up being there and that's a little puzzling." Webb promises the building will be as good as any other school if not better, "37 classrooms with other amenities, cafeteria, library, internet hookups, all the sorts of things a normal school would have." It's an out of the box idea for a district desperate for school space.