Possible TCAP cheating found at one city school

It was Dr. Carol Johnson herself who dropped the bomb about TCAP testing irregularities at Riverview Middle School.

"This is a very serious matter and it really is an affront to every teacher and student who worked hard and tried to improve their performance," Johnson said.

The red flags appeared last fall when the district began its annual review of all tcap scores--Riverviews stood out.

"Some of the data appeared suspicious," said Bill White of the Memphis City Schools.

Then a tipster pointed the district to look at the exams themselves and that's where they found hundreds of erasure marks.  In the math section 37 tests where 10 or more answers were changed from wrong to right, and in the reading language arts section 43 tests changed from wrong to right.

Results that moved riverview into the improving category...results that dr. Johnson says were a lie...

"We will not sit back and allow cheating to occur, we want good results, but we want our students to earn it"