Parents and officials react to allegations of TCAP cheating

Outside Riverview Middle School this morning, residents and parents in the area sounded off about charges of TCAP test cheating at the school.

"I don't want my child to be just passing through with school teachers helping," said parent Barbara Davidson. "I want them to learn it on their own, and get their own good grades themselves."

"It's bad," said resident Anthony Felton. "You should be honest in everything you do."

Others, like former Riverview Middle School student Shauna Davidson, took a different view of the staffers accused of cheating.

"They should be forgiven," she said. "They were just trying to help the students, and I don't think there is anything wrong with that."

As the investigation continues, a consensus of residents thought the students involved to retake the tests.

"It might help them out," Davidson said. "If they don't pass, it's on them."

Meanwhile, a representative from the Memphis Education Association spoke out about the allegations today.

MEA President Charles New said staffers accused of changing the answers on student test scores should be held accountable. New said there an enormous amount of pressure is placed on teachers to make sure students get high marks on standardized tests.

"The kind of pressure this puts on people to look at only this one score, and judge your entire school year, on what this one score means, takes away everything else that happens in the classroom," he said.

New said Memphis City Schools failures and successes are judged by how well students do on the standardized tests, and he was not surprised that some teachers would be tempted to cross the line to put their school in a good light.