13 more votes may be illegal in District 29 race

Senate Republicans looking to void the results of the District 29 State Senate Race may have more fuel for their fire. Attorneys for Republican candidate Terry Roland say they've identified more than a dozen people who voted in the race, despite living outside the district.

"It's clear these people don't live in the district, and it's clear the law says if you don't live in the district you can't vote. It's not brain surgery," said Roland attorney Richard Fields.

Still, local talk-show host Jennings Bernard admits he lives outside the district and cast one of those votes in question.

"If I'm a taxpayer, I have the right in this city to vote from wherever I want to vote. That's my opinion," Bernard said.

Sir Isaac Ford, race winner Ophelia Ford's nephew, cast one of the other votes under review. For voting purposes Isaac Ford claims the Ford family funeral home as his residence. Action News 5 went to the funeral home Tuesday and got conflicting reports. While an employee at the funeral home claimed Isaac Ford did not live there, Issac's uncle Joe Ford indicated otherwise.

"I'm pretty sure he was," Ford told Action News 5's Aaron Diamant. "But you are asking me some questions that you probably need to ask Isaac."

Action News 5 was unable to contact Isaac Ford for comment Tuesday.

In addition to the 13 new disputed votes, the Tennessee State Senate is also reviewing evidence felons and two dead people somehow cast votes in the special election.