Violence on and off campus increasing

The proof is in the police reports. Teenagers beaten in class and on the way to and from school. Ashley Cathey is one of the lastest victims, "My eye was swollen because the girl kicked me in my eye, they were kicking me in my back." 17 year old Cathey says six girls jumped her on the way to school near the corner of South Parkway and Wilson. Her grandmother, Carolyn Cathey is outraged, "Anything could have happened." On the same day Ashley Cathey was beaten, a student at Sheffield High School says he was in school when he was hit in the head by a fellow student. Hours earlier, a Treadwell High School student says three females and one adult male walked into her classroom and attacked her. She ended up with a split lip before a teacher stepped in. Incidents like those have Carolyn Cathey fighting mad, "They're off into the bling, bling as they say. The gold teeth, the style. They're not into education." Cathey would like to see police increase patrols on streets used by students, a place where more and more fights are taking place, "They know if they do anything in the school or on the school ground, they're gonna get suspended." School leaders say they're taking measures to fight violence on and off campus.