Group trying to raise Arkansas minimum wage expands its reach

Little Rock (AP) - A group working to place an item on the fall ballot that would raise the minimum wage in Arkansas is trying to expand its reach.

The group, Give Arkansans a Raise Now, announced Tuesday it has launched a web site and that it is getting a toll-free phone number.

The group will need 80,570 signatures to place the measure on the November 7 ballot. The proposal would raise the state minimum wage by a dollar.

Group chairman Reverend Stephen Copley says the organization has raised $14,000. Donors can now use the Web site to donate money to the group.

Copley, who is pastor of the First United Methodist Church in North Little Rock, says volunteers who want to help with the drive can print their own petitions from the Web site.

The phone number is: 1-888-646-9243

Give Arkansas a Raise Now: