Chop shop busted in Memphis

Memphis Police officers and FBI agents raided the K & B Repair shop Wednesday on West Mitchell, where they discovered at least 5 stolen cars. They hauled off cars, engines, and tools.

Investigators said it was a well organized chop shop where parts of vehicles were removed and either sold or put into other vehicles.

"We don't know exactly how it was done here," said Memphis Police Inspector Lawrence Jamison. "All we do know is that we have some vehicles in this business that were stolen."

Investigators said they do know that one of the stolen cars came from a carjacking at the beginning of February. The victim of the carjacking saw his car at the suspected chop shop and contacted police, who found it Tuesday night inside the garage with its engine missing.

Officials said that was when the investigation began.

"We've uncovered at least one car that was stolen in 2004," said Memphis Police spokesperson Vince Higgins, "and two others; one in a Shelby County Sheriff's report taken in 2004."

Investigators said there was also a car on the lot stolen in 2002. The owner of K & B Repair, Kenneth Barber, has been charged with theft of property and violation of the Chop Shop Law.

Police said there could be more arrests and more charges for Barber, and the investigation could reach into other states.