"Trumba" online calendar has pros and cons

Palm Pilots are a convenient way to have your life at your finger-tips.  One glance at your electronic hand held calendar, and you know what's ahead for the day.
But what if you want to share your calendar with a large group?

Matt Wiseman is the group leader for the Young Professionals at Sycamore View Baptist Church.  He lets members of the Young Professionals know about upcoming events using outlook email.  But now there's a new way for Wiseman to update the 80-members of the the group-using an online calendar.

"You can email the calendar to selected people," he said. "You can publish the calendar to a free website that you can send out in a link and let people check it themselves.  You can also share the calendar with other people who are actually Trumba members."

Trumba is a relatively new on-line calendar share service.  It allows others to access your schedule, and get email updates when the calendar changes.

Wisemen gives the service a mixed review.

"The problem with Trumba is the initial set up is such a bear it's almost not worth doing," he said.
With Trumba you can import and export calendar events from Outlook, but not email lists.   Trumba is a pay service, costing $40 a year after an initial 60-day free trial period.

"If it was free, I would say we would definitely use it," Wiseman said. "But being that it costs money, a bunch a cheap skate 20-year olds aren't going to do it."

Ultimately, Wisemen gave the on-line calendar share program with the funny name high marks for format and some of the tools, but low marks for start-up and cost.