Keiser police chief charged in burglary

Keiser, Arkansas resident Todd Phipps and his wife were in a panic in December. They had to take their daughter, who has multiple health problems, to the emergency room in Memphis.

"I had called the local police chief here and asked if he'd watch our house for us because we were going to be gone."

Phipps said when he returned home the next day to go to work, he found his back door kicked in. At first he didn't notice anything missing. Later, he realized some dress shirts, a palm pilot, expensive sunglasses, a scope for a rifle and a few other small things were gone.

He called the Keiser police chief, Jimmy Bohannan, who came out and dusted for fingerprints. As time went by, the Mississippi County Sheriff's department got involved in the investigation.

Then, much to Phipps' shock ,the Keiser police chief himself was arrested on Wednesday.

"I was shocked...really shocked," Phipps said. "I felt even more violated."

Bohannan was arrested and charged along with Jerry Brawley, a former drug officer with the Sheriff's department, for drug offenses and burglaries in Osceola and Keiser. Investigators said Bohannan purchased prescription drugs a woman who was also arrested. Then he tried to sell them.

Both men are behind bars in the Mississippi County jail.