Tipton County plans crack down on crime

Hair salon owner Jackie Nelson says she hasn't encountered crime since moving to Tipton County and she wants to keep it that way.

"Definitely," says Nelson.

But many are concerned about Memphis crime moving north.

"We don't want more," says Robin Bray. "Sometimes we talk about moving farther out."

They know that "Operation Blue Crush," the massive law enforcement effort in Memphis, is meant to eradicate crime and put perps on the run.

"But, I mean, don't just push them off on anybody," says Nelson. "Do the right thing."

Munford Police Chief Jim Harger is taking notice too.

"I'm sure some of them will come this way," says Harger. "We'll deal with it as it happens."

He says Memphis crime is not a new concern in Tipton County.

"Crime has no boundaries, so we do get some of it," says Harger.

He and others are currently preparing for the possibility of even more.

"We want to be proactive instead of reactive," says Harger.

Munford police and other law enforcement agencies across Tipton County are planning to use "Blue Crush" type tactics to snag criminals. Chief Harger says efforts may include everything from roadblocks to round-ups in every city in Tipton County.

"If they know we on them, then they gone move somewhere else," says Harger.

The goal is to keep Tipton County a safe place for people like Jackie Nelson to live.

Chief Harger tells me saturation efforts up there could begin in the next couple of months.

Concerns in Tipton County are not lost on Memphis police. We're told officials here and there often touch base.