FedEx helps authorities seize drugs

The world's largest shipping company dabbled in the crime fighting business this week.

On Friday, drug task force agents in Eastern Arkansas got a call from FedEx authorities in Texas. It seems three dozen pounds of marijuana was about to be shipped into their jurisdiction.

Yesterday a special delivery resulted in five arrests.

Thirty-six pounds of pot was in Texas about to be FedEx'd to Marianna and Forrest City, Ark., until drug task force agents stepped in.

"We had those packages shipped to us, we intercepted them here," said Randy Julian, of the First Judicial District Drug Task Force.

With search warrants in hand, undercover officers went knocking.

"We took the packages," said Julian. "We had an undercover agent that was wearing a FedEx hat that approached the residents."

Once recipients signed on the dotted line, state and local officers moved in.

In Forrest City, Adrain and Diane Mobley and Charlie Whitaker were arrested for the drugs in the package, drugs found in the house and firearms that were found on the property.

In Marianna, officers arrested bail bondsman Calvin Jones.

Local agencies are particularly happy about this bust because while a lot of the drugs confiscated are found passing through the region, they know this score was headed for the streets in their community.

"They got caught this time, I mean, how many times they may have done it in the past and gotten away with it," said Julian.

An extensive collection of drug trinkets on the shelves of the task force office doesn't compare to the real drugs agents have shelved as evidence.

But they say the express mail method is a first for them.