Mother of teen beating victim wants laws changed

Trevon Hampton is a mother on a mission, "I am outraged, and I will be working hard until this law is made." The law she wants changed would deal with juvenile crime, something Hampton knows all about. Hampton's daughter Chereyon was attacked by a classmate near their school last December, "He hit her in the temple with his fists, and he also chocked her once she was on the ground." Two months and two operations later, Chereyon is healing and her mother is fighting. Hampton wants to toughen Tennessee legislation to hold parents whose children commit violent crimes accountable, "The parent will have to compensate for injuries, lost wages, pain and suffering instead if nothing." Chereyon's attacker Brandon Freemon, who turned 16 last week is in state custody, will undergo rehabilitation and could be held until he turns nineteen. Hampton did not agree with that sentence, "They can't just continue to let juveniles get away with it. They're getting a slap on the wrist and they know this so they go away for two months or a year for murder. It's an outrage." Which is why Trevon Hampton says she'll fight for change in Nashville.