Mid-South drivers urged to be careful on icy roads

Icy patches along the road are some of the most harmful road risks of winter and Memphis City Public Works will be out all night trying to clear them up.

Friday turned the Mid-South into a blanket of snow, but one day later it was melting.  "The Public Works crews worked long and hard while everybody else was sleeping," explained Public Works Director Jerry Collins.

Cloud cover Saturday prevented the sun from drying out the ground, and below-freezing temperatures took hold before dark.  That, along with cold winds, could turn the streets of Memphis into an icy hazard overnight.  "I'm afraid that some of this melted snow might refreeze and cause a few problems so we will have trucks available during the evening and morning hours to take care of any slick spots that might develop," said Collins.  "After dark if you see any wet spots on the road, that's probably gonna be ice," he explained.

Black ice takes on the color of the pavement below.  It's tough to see and it's very slippery.  There are some places you need to be extra careful.  "Certainly bridges and inclines and any places where the sun was not able to shine directly such as streets where there are a lot of trees," said Collins.

If you see any icy patches that concern you, call the Memphis Public Works Street Maintenance Office at (901) 324-3891.