Guilty verdicts handed down in trial of Rosamond shooter

A Shelby County jury handed down a guilty verdict Saturday in the trial of George Franklin, accused of second degree murder in the 2002 shooting death of toddler Jessica Borner. Franklin was also found guilty on nine charges of criminal attempt second degree murder.

After nearly a week of testimony, closing arguments were heard Saturday. Borner was killed when her house on Rosamond Street was riddled with bullets. Witnesses say Franklin and two other men shot up the home after the people inside complained about some pot Franklin had sold them.

The bullet that killed Borner came from an assault rifle, and during closing arguments Saturday both sides produced the gun to make their point.

The defense warned the jury not to be fooled, that there was proof Franklin wasn't responsible for the little girl's murder. Meanwhile, prosecutors argued that regardless of who fired the fatal shot it was Franklin's actions that got Jessica Borner killed. They said the girl's death was a casualty of war on the streets, fought over a $10 bag of pot.

Besides Franklin's conviction, Mack Jones was found guilty in the Rosemond shooting case in 2004.