Woman blames TDOT for home's problems

A Memphis woman says work to improve the bridge overpasses near her home on North Parkway is ruining her house. It's a problem T-DOT says they will investigate.

Loria Henderson is living a homeowner's nightmare.

"Any day now, I'm thinking it may just fall on my head," she said.

Henderson's problems date back to 2004 when TDOT contractors began redesigning an interchange overpass just outside her door.

"I've got damage of my ceilings, my bathroom floor, my sink jumped off the wall in the small bathroom," she said.

The home that once sat on a level lot, is now 15 feet below street level.

"The water can't do nothing but sit it my yard," she said. "It's running down in my basement."

Henderson says the wall built along the interstate does keep out the noise from the traffic, but she says it also keeps in the heat and in the summer her utility bills have skyrocketed.

Henderson says when TDOT ignored her complaints, she hired a licensed engineer to investigate the cause of the damage.

In a summary of his report Dexter Varnell said, "The apparent cause of cracks in your home is induced vibration from adjacent freeway interchange construction."

TDOT says they will investigate.

"Every complaint is looked at and we're willing to investigate and we're willing to look at everything that she has found that she feels like substantiates any of her claims," said Pamela Marshall, TDOT spokesperson.

"I'm just stressed and I just need to get away," said Henderson.

For now, Loria Henderson isn't waiting to see what TDOT's solution will be, she's hired a lawyer who plans to file a suit against the agency.

Henderson says she wants the state to buy her home and relocate her. TDOT says unless a home is in the right of way of a road project, federal law prohibits them from doing that.