Olympic Results - Day Two

Day 2 of the Winter Olympics is in the books but not without drama. Nine-time U-S figure-skating champion Michelle Kwan withdrewn from the Olympics because of a groin injury. But her replacement Emily Hughes is having difficulty getting out of New York because of the snow storm.

It was a big day for Memphian Mike Jankowski. The Christian Brother's high school alum is the coach of the US Men's half pipe team...that's snow boarding. His team member Shaun White, otherwise known as "The Flying Tomato" won a gold medal for his performance. Things went really well for Jankowski's team. They also won the silver medal...Danny Kass earning it. Markuu Koski from Finland keep them for sweeping all three place.

The Women's hockey team is cruising. Two games and two wins so far. They top Germany 5-0. Gold is handed out in the men's single Luge...can you imagine going 80 miles an hour on your Radial Flyer!? Armin Zoeggeler gets the first medal for Italy. American Tony Benshoof finishes 4th.

Irena Wust wins Gold for the Netherlands in the women's 3,000 meter speed skating. USA's Cetherine Raney finishes 11th.