Shelby County Schools put cleaning crews on notice

A Target Five investigation has uncovered dirty problem at a Mid-South school.

When the Shelby County School board voted last year to contract out the district's custodial work, it saved taxpayers one-point-six million dollars a year.

But now district officials have put that discount cleaning contractor on notice.

Undercover video shot just last Thursday inside Bolton High School shows you don't have to be a health inspector to see the bathrooms are less than sanitary.

"Anytime you're talking about child welfare, you're not only talking about safety, you're talking about health concerns and everything else," Shelby County School Board Memphis Ron Lollar said.

It's conditions like those on the tape: in bathrooms, drinking fountains, and hallways that have School District officials talking about whether GCA Services -- the company that gets four and a half million dollars every year to clean the district's 48 schools -- is honoring its contract.

"It tells exactly what's to be cleaned: floor, ceiling, walls, how often, with what," said Shelby County Schools Superintendent Dr. Bobby Webb.

But complaints started rolling in recently.

"They had missed some complete areas in cleaning during the nightly cleanup and that's of course inexcusable," Webb said.

GCA's excuse... personnel. A company official in Nashville told us it's made some changes.

GCA Regional Manager David Helton said "we want to make sure the kids have a clean, safe environment to work in. We're going to continue to work hard to make sure the schools are cleaned properly."

If not, District officials say they have other options.

"Certainly if they don't fix the problem, we have the solution. There are a lot of companies that would like to have our business," Webb said.

A not so subtle warning to the District's cleaning service, now on notice to clean up its act.

District officials say overall they're pleased with GCA's service, but plan to conduct more frequent inspections.

We'll stay on top of this issue, too, and let you know if Shelby County Schools report any additional problems with GCA's performance.