West Memphian In Olympics Speed Skating Event

Y'now, there's nothing like having a former Brothers Boy from my old high school CBHS coach the gold medal winning team half pipe team in the Winter Olympics..

Now, we've got another Mid-Southerner to cheer for across the pond..

Kimberly Derrick was born in Blytheville and grew up in West Memphis.

She's representing the United States in the 1,000 meter Short Track speed skating event.

Derrick starting in-line roller skating at her parents rink in West Memphis when she was 6.

She got so good at it, she travelled the county..becoming home schooled at age 9.

Her family later bought a rink in Ohio...but it was in college at Northern Michigan where she made the transition to Ice..

Her meteoric rise led to a spot on the U.S. Olympic team.

Now she'll represent her country against the World in Torino.

Derrick's first heat is set for February 22nd.

The Finals will be run on the 25th.