Tennessee Lottery provides millions for education in the Volunteer State

Everybody wins with the Tennessee Lottery ... especially students and families.  The Tennessee Lottery is proud to have contributed over $636 million dollars to educational programs so far!

Beginning in 2004, Lottery-funded scholarships became available to Tennessee students attending public or private colleges or universities across the state. The criteria are straightforward:

Graduating high-school seniors must have a 3.0 grade point average or score a 21 on the ACT in order to receive up to $3,300 in scholarship funds per academic year. Additional support is available for high-school students with outstanding academic credentials. Once in college, students must maintain a B average.

In addition to scholarships, lottery-funded grants are available to students attending technical schools.

All scholarships and grants are administered by the Tennessee Student Assistance Corporation, using funds deposited into an education account by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation. For more information about Lottery scholarships and grants please visit www.collegepaystn.com .

Lottery revenues also benefit pre-kindergarten and after-school programs. Information about funds for after-school programs may be obtained by visiting www.tennessee.gov/education/sp/afterschool/index or calling (615) 253-6037.

Pre-K information may be obtained by contacting the State Office of Early Learning at (615) 253-3182 or at www.tennessee.gov/education/sp/volprek/index.php.