Jury reaches agreement on two counts in first Tennessee Waltz trial

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (AP) - A jury in Chattanooga Fridays evening told the judge they've reached agreement on two counts in the public corruption case against Hamilton County Commissioner William Cotton.

The federal jury said it's reached an impasse on a third count, and the judge told them to keep trying. Shortly after that, the jury decided to quit for the day and resume work Saturday.

The jury did not say if they've found for conviction or acquittal.

Cotton is accused of taking money offered by a sham company to get favorable government treatment for contracts. The fake company was created by the FBI.

The jury deliberated for two hours Thursday, and resumed work Friday morning.

If convicted, Cotton faces a maximum prison term of 60 years.

Jurors sent a message to the judge saying they've agreed on a conspiracy count and one count of attempted extortion.

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