MLGW crews prepare for winter wether

MLGW teams are stationed throughout city ready to respond to any outages.

MLGW crews spent the day loading their trucks with dozens of extra transformers and utility poles, things that are often damaged during severe weather.

The utility has four service centers located throughout Shelby County. President Joseph Lee says MLGW is well positioned to respond to any potential outages.

"It's unpredictable in terms of how severe it will be, but once we know what the damage is then we'll try to restore it with all the resources we have available," said Lee.

Those resources include dozens of MLGW utility and tree trimming crews along with 10 crews from Mississippi ready to help out.

Keep in mind MLGW crews will not be out during the storm for safety reasons. But as soon as it passes, they will respond. If you have an outage to report, the number is 544-MLGW.