Peterson Wins WBC Title

Flying fists the order of the night at FedExForum as ESPN brings its' highly regarded Friday Night Fight series to Memphis for a second time after a successful Beale Street Bash last Summer in Handy Park.

The Cold Outside can't compare to the Heat in the Ring as Prize Fight Boxings' LaMont Peterson takes on Jose Moreno for the WBC Jr. America's Welterweight Title. This fight more than just a slugfest as Peterson, in the white trunks took turns slugging it out toe to toe with 12-and 1 Moreno.. To standing at a distance to stick and move, using his arm length advantage to keep Moreno at Bay.. But Moreno kept coming, round after round.. throwing more than a thousand punches through the fight... Not enough to slow down Peterson..who's lightening fast combinations were just too much in this one.. This fight goes the 10-round distance and it's up to the judges to decide it.. But, it's a no-brainer.. Peterson wins by Unanimous decision. He wins the Title and automatic inclusion into the top-15 worldwide in the welterweight division.

After the fight, these comments. "Well really I wanted to mix it up and keep him off balance. I wanted to let him not he couldn't just keep coming in there and I wanted to give the fans a good fight. He wobbled but he didn't go down. I guess he had a good chin."

Peterson's Brother Anthony wound up not fighting tonight. His opponent, James Wayka withdrew with a broken hand before the scheduled 6-round Lightweight fight.