Local counties make storm preps

Tunica County Emergency Management Director, Randy Stewart, says all agencies from law enforcement to schools have been working together to be as prepared as possible.

The main goal this weekend is to keep ice off the roads. On hand: a salt limestone mixture to melt ice, two spreader trucks and four dump trucks.

"We've made sure that our road department had its trucks and slags and all their other vehicles topped off, which is a normal day-to-day operation procedure anyway, with fuel and diesel. That it was ready to roll at any moment that their personnel was gonna be on call," he said.

Schools will decide Sunday if their doors will open.

Since it's President's Day Monday, all government offices, except emergency agencies, are closed anyway.

Meanwhile, in Arkansas, power companies are warning people to prepare for the worst: a possible outage of two to three days. They even have backup from other states. Tree trimmers are removing vulnerable branches and people are buying generators by the droves.

The National Weather Service says most storm injuries are from wrecks. So, you're advised not to drive in icy conditions.