Tigers Win By 40 Over Tulane

Right now, the 3rd ranked Memphis Tigers are like Mike Tyson was in his prime. The Tigers are just destroying their conference opponents. It's not IF they'll win, it's by HOW MUCH. The Tigers in New Orleans Saturday night to take on Tulane and they pounce early. Andre Allen the steal, he's fouled hard but still gets it to go and the foul. Then off another turnover...the Tigers running 4 wide, Rodney Carney finishes off the window for another 3 point opportunity. The Tigers were on a 15-2 run and led by 20 at the half.

It got even uglier in the second half. A game high 24 points for Carney as the Tigers win by 40! The final: 105-66

The Tigers are now 24-2 .... the best start in school history, topping the 1985-1986 team.