Flight disturbance at Memphis International

Passengers on an 8:47a.m. flight from Dallas to Memphis say Murphy's Law took them for a ride Saturday.

The ice storm delayed takeoff, but it was more than weather that kept them on the plane until ten hours later. "I have flown from Memphis to Amsterdam on Northwest in less time than we spent on the tarmac today," said passenger Carl Reiney.

Passengers say it took six hours to leave Dallas after weather delayed their flight to Memphis, and the plane ran out of fuel while waiting to be de-iced. "It's funny that the only food on board was Lifesavers and that's kind of ironic, right? Lifesavers," joked passenger Frank Simms.

The passengers say they landed at Memphis International Airport at 3:15p.m., but they didn't step onto Memphis soil until 6:55p.m.

"Another plane that was backing up from the gate was blocking the alleyway to the gate and I don't know what the reason was, but they were fighting with a ground chief and they weren't gonna move the plane," explained passenger Todd Burroughs.

He says during the three-hour deadlock, paramedics removed a sick passenger from the plane. Then, a fuel truck broke down blocking their way to the gate. But it wasn't over yet.

"The gateway was frozen and would not move up to the plane. They had to get a mechanic to free it up and bring it up to the plane," explained Burroughs.

Marquita Bradshaw missed her uncle's memorial service.

"I guess I'll just try to spend what little time I have left with my family before I go back to work monday morning," she said.

American Eagle says this was a rare mishap and that the problems were driven by extreme weather conditions. They say they're unaware if an argument between a captain and ground chief caused the Memphis delay. American Eagle can't say if or how the passengers will be compensated.

Passengers say the only silver lining is they made fast friends.