HBO documentary takes look at now-defunct Arkansas dog kennel

WILLIFORD, Ark. (AP) - The undercover work of an animal rights activist at an Arkansas kennel in Williford is the subject of an H-B-O documentary that airs Tuesday. The man, who prefers to remain anonymous, spent six months at the Martin Creek Kennel and secretly videotaped conditions for the Los Angeles-based group Last Chance for Animals.

The "America Undercover" documentary is not for the squeamish. Videotape shows dogs dying from malnutrition while others are beaten or shot; their carcasses are piled in eight-foot-deep trenches. The kennel raised animals for use in veterinary schools and research laboratories.

The videotape helped U.S. Attorney Bud Cummins prosecute and shut down the kennel.

C. C. Baird and his wife Patsy agreed to pay $267,000 in civil fines under the largest penalty ever under the federal Animal Welfare Act. The couple also gave up their 700-acre tract near Williford, and they each face jail time on mail fraud charges after admitting they lied to research facilities about how they acquired some of the animals.

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