Young girl critically injured in morning house fire

A three-year-old girl was in critical condition Monday night at the Med after being burned in a house fire in the 4000 block of McWeeny fueled by gasoline.

Senora Conway says she'll never forget the things she saw Monday morning.

"I've never seen an injury like that," she said. "I hope to God I never have to see another one."

The sight of Conway's three-year-old neighbor with severe burns was almost unbearable, but Conway did what she could for the little girl. After the girl was burned in a house fire on McWeeney, Conway called the hospital to find out how to care for the child until an ambulance could arrive.

"They finally told us to wrap the baby in towels, and put the baby in the bathtub in cold water,"

Investigators said the little girl and two adults were injured in the fire, that started in the fireplace of the home, when someone inside used gasoline to try to make the flames higher.

"I'm sure their wood was probably a little bit wet," said Lt. Roy Tidwell of the Memphis Fire Department. "They were probably trying to help it catch, but gas is an accelerant that we don't use inside a fire place."

The fire spread quickly, burning everything it's path, including the three-year-old. Neighbor Linda Pigram Morrison caught a glimpse of the child as she was put in the ambulance.

"I could see here hair, " Morrison said. "It looked like it had been burnt like charcoal. But she did, she got burnt pretty bad."

Investigators said the little girl was transported to a local hospital in extremely critical condition, with burns on 75% of her body.