Harold Ford Jr. makes campaign stop in Memphis

Looking a lot like rock stars, Senator Barak Obama and Congressman Harold Ford Junior shook the hands of adoring voters Monday morning as they walked to the podium at an appearance at the University of Memphis. Voters like Amber DuVentre said their appearance was a possible peek into the future.

"Its not a matter of what party you are in," DuVentre said. "If you look at it, that could be our future President and Vice President."

For now, Obama and Ford were in Memphis working on Ford's campaign for U.S. Senate. At the appearance, Ford talked about the lack of available health care for many people in Tennessee.

He also spoke about his family.

"In spite of all of these things they're saying about me, and my daddy, and my aunt, and my uncle, and my party, if you just stand up for me over the next eight months and one week, I'll make you the promise I will stand up for you every single day in the United States Senate, and work with Barak Obama to make Tennessee and America a better place."

Voter Rosemary Banta was impressed by the appeance of the duo.

"I thought they were wonderful," Banta said. "It was very inspiring to see two young men with that much dedication."

So what does the road to the Senate for Harold Ford Junior?

"I don't think any of its going to be tough other than work," Ford said. "I like work, and I think that people are hungry all across the state for something. They want people to be honest.  They want people to not spin them on the issues, and they want answers to tough problems."

Democrats at the appearance hoped Senator Barack Obama's support of Harold Ford, Jr. will give his campaign the energy it needs for a Democrat to win a U.S. Senate Seat in a predominately Republican state.