City council will hear a plan to save Libertyland

The fight is on to save Libertyland and this morning, a group dedicated to saving the theme park is preparing to present its plan.

Later today, the re-use committee of the Mid-South Fairgrounds will present a master plan to the Memphis city council.

The special assistant to the mayor, Pete Aviotti, says Memphis Mayor Willie Herenton has adopted the plan. Aviotti also says city attorneys are looking into whether Memphis owns the rides at Libertyland. If it does, that means the Mid-South fair won't be allowed to auction off the Zippin Pippin or the Carousel. The Save Libertyland group says it has found two companies interested in taking over the theme park.

"We haven't even sought any proposals at this time, in fact that's before the cart at this time", said Pete Aviotti. Aviotti says he hasn't had any formal proposals come before the committee. As for the master plan, he says he thinks it is a good deal for the entire community.

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