City Council tackles train ordinance

For years Memphis has had an ordinance on the books that says trains can't block intersection any longer than 5-minutes.

But city council members were surprised today to find out that the ordinance is difficult to enforce.

At a meeting Tuesday the city attorney told a council committee that even if the city were to ticket trains that violate the ordinance, it wouldn't hold up in court because federal laws allow trains to stop for a variety of reasons.

City attorney Sara Hall says taking the railroads to court would be a waste of taxpayer money.

Hall says one solution might be to talk with the railroads and try to work out a way to stop or at least decrease the intersection blocking problem.

But some drivers were not very optimistic about that suggestion.

Council member E.C. Jones says his committee has asked the city attorney to look for other ordinances or rules that could be used to address the train problem.

She is scheduled to report back to the council in 60 days.