Official says FBI visited city offices

A revelation was heard at a city council budget committee meeting Tuesday as it was revealed that officials from the FBI had visited the offices of Memphis Chief Financial Officer Robert Lipscomb.

"They talked to several members of our staff about certain issues regarding a program," Lipscomb said, "and they asked if there was a conflict of interest. I told them I wasn't aware of any conflict."

Lipscomb is the director of the city's Housing and Community Development Division and the Memphis Housing Authority. It is not clear which office the FBI went into. After the meeting, Lipscomb was hesitant to talk to the media.

"I'm not going to talk about it, because there's nothing to talk about," he said. "They came to my office." Lipscomb went on to say the officials visited last Thursday, looking at

HARP, or Housing and Rehabilitation Program, is administrated out of the Housing and Community Development department. It provides financial and construction assistance to low and moderate income homeowners who want to make repairs to their houses. The homeowners live in targeted areas designated by Housing and Community Development.

Lipscomb said he thinks certain city divisions are being targeted by a citizens watchdog group. He wouldn't say which group, but there is one organization in Memphis that has talked about a city housing rehab program that may have benefited a relative of an elected official.