Police bust drug house that included walk-up order window

In the past three months, more than thirty people have been arrested at a home located at 451 West Shelby Drive. All arrested were charged with buying crack cocaine. ]

Memphis Police Director Larry Godwin says there was even a walk up order window.

"You come back here and do your drug dealing. You can pass through radios, whatever your selling. You pass through and get your dope," he said.

Inside you can see where people were living, toys and soda cans on the floor, video tapes, a generator that powered the house. Even though police raided this house recently, five people were arrested today for buying and selling drugs.

Director Godwin said one person tried to get away but got stuck in a foot of mud.  "They have the high ground, they have the view they know who's coming in they think they can't be caught but they will," he said.

The folks running the drug house were ready for a police raid, they even had a trap door. A hole in a closet floor was covered with an air conditioner which could be moved then they'd crawl under the house and escape into the woods.

Police say many of the customers here crossed the border from Mississippi, some with children in tow including one man who police say left his infant son in a car by himself while he bought drugs.