Discussion today of a third bridge over the river in Memphis

City engineers say Memphis could be a homeland security risk and they think that building a new bridge could be the answer.

Later today, a meeting is scheduled to discuss the issue.

During the scheduled meeting, TDOT officials will present plans to the community for another bridge that would go from Memphis to Arkansas.

Engineers also say a proposed third bridge near Memphis over the Mississippi River would offset a homeland security risk.

Right now, officials are trying to determine the best placement for a third bridge.

"If something, God forbid, happened to the I-55 Bridge and adjacent rail crossing that could shut down vehicular movement, rail movement and barge movement along the Mississippi River", said Memphis City Engineer Wain Gaskins.

Right now there are 13 possible locations under consideration.

The third bridge would handle rail and motor vehicles.

Today's meeting starts this afternoon at 1pm in city council chambers.

The public is invited to attend.