Cops say car shop was front for drugs

Memphis Kustomz on Elvis Presley Boulevard may have been turning out more than tricked out custom cars. Police say it was a "substantial" distribution center for illegal drugs.

"Large enough," says Major Randall O'Byrnes with MPD's Organized Crime Unit.

Tightly wrapped bundles of marijuana, a number of weapons and wads of cash were among the items seized during Thursday afternoon's raid.

Action News 5 was the only station on the scene as suspects were handcuffed and hauled downtown.

"It's part of an ongoing narcotics investigation," says O'Byrnes. "We had a search warrant, looking for marijuana."

It was a routine day at Memphis Kustomz until police came calling. A tactical team entered the front door and used flash suppressors to subdue the suspects.

"I don't know--I don't know what's going on," says Corrine Hampton.

Corrine Hampton's son worked at Memphis Kustomz. She says alleged drug activity is news to her, and him.

"Cause he's scared of stuff like that," says Hampton. "He don't like to be involved in nothing that's dealing with the law." B

ut undercover cops say the car shop was under surveillance for some time. Drugs constantly moved in and out. They even believe some of the dope was smuggled directly from Mexico.

For now, Memphis Kustomz will be closed, for car repairs or any other business.