Residents vow to fight new road

It's not the strip mall that some see as the problem, it's a road that leads from the shopping center into Rock Creek Parkway the main residential road that leads in and out of the massive Countrywood Subdivision.

Traffic on Germantown Parkway is congested and with a new shopping center opening up the concern over traffic is growing.

Some Countrywood residents say they don't want that traffic spilling into their subdivision but fear that's about to happen.

"One day they came in and started cutting the road," said Larry Chambers, Countrywood resident.

The road is a back entrance that will lead from the new shopping center to Rockcreek Parkway. Those who live in Countrywood are now passing a petition around to urge City Council members to stop the road.

"Not only devalue the neighborhood because of the cut through, it's going to be a really bad safety issue," he said.

Shelby County's Planning and Development Office recommended the road put on hold until a detailed study of its impact is done. That recommendation was ignored by the Land Use Committee and the project was to go forward, but now an appeal has been filed.

Action News Five spoke with Bobby Grantham, the developer of the shopping center. He said he's had two major engineering firms tell him he is following the law and the impact on Countrywood won't be bad. He said he's spent $50,000 on changes to further reduce the impact.

Residents here aren't impressed and promise a fight.

"This neighborhood association will do whatever it takes until there are no other means left," said Chambers.

Meaning the end of this dispute could be at the end of a very long road.

The City Council will take up the case next month.