Big fish, giant lure coming to Pyramid

The statue of Ramses The Great has yet to wear waders and hold a fishing rod. But Bass Pro's vision for the Pyramid is pretty radical. A huge fish will jut from one side. And a lure-shaped inclinator will travel to the roof.

"That just to me seems like it's overdone," said Kevin Sanders. "The Pyramid is great for Memphis, but to do all that to it is just a waste."

Residents of Harbor Town have lived up close and personal with the Pyramid since it's construction. Some believe these plans should be "thrown back."

"The big three-story fish is kind of fishy," said Robert Wolf. "I don't know that the city would really like that."

But others are sold. They're ready to add some excitement to a building that's been rather boring in recent years.

"Actually, I really think this is going to be wonderful for the downtown area," said Cary Stephens. "The Pyramid is standing there all alone and we need a reviving."

"I think anything that will attract more business and more people downtown right there is going to be a really good thing," said Nicole Weatherington.

"And I like the big fish," said Karen York.

While the exterior may require some tweaking, many say it's what's inside that really counts.

"I think it's great, fabulous," said Pam Monk. "My husband is a fisherman and a hunter and he's going to love every minute of this."

Interestingly enough, the men we interviewed had more problems with Bass Pro's plans than did the women. Obviously, these are just preliminary plans. A lot can happen over the next two years.