MATA driver pulls baby, woman from fire

MATA bus driver Bruce Love was driving along North Watkins Thursday morning when he saw smoke.

"He passed his stop and everything, and came to my front door just to tell me the house was on fire and I knew nothing," explained Arnell Gross.

Love called 911, but knew he couldn't wait.

"So, he grabbed my grandbaby and they went on out and I said, 'Well I can't come right now, I gotta get my mom.'"

Gross' mother is 94-years-old and her leg was amputated, so she can't move on her own.

When Gross ran back into the house, Love followed behind her.

"I was fittin' to pass out, and he picked my mom up and took her next door and sat her down in the lady's house next door," Gross said. "Just as we got on the porch, the whole house blew. Had he not been there we'd a been in there."

After Love saved the elderly woman from the burning house, he had to move his bus so emergency responders could access the home. He then jumped back on his bus and continued his route.

"I just feel like he was an angel that they sent and I don't know if I could have got my mom out in time," said Gross.

"I think it's nice, but I think God just put me where I was supposed to be at the right time," replied the bus driver.

Speaking of time, it was a strange coincidence that brought Love to Gross' door that morning. He had transportation trouble. His bus had to be swapped out.

"With my bus being delayed, I normally would have passed through there about 7:25 or 7:30, but seeing that I had to have my bus replaced, I passed through about 8 o'clock," he explained.

Gross said electrical wiring trouble sparked the fire. The family lost everything and they don't have renter's insurance. However, their landlord found them another rental property the same day of the fire, and thanks to Love, Gross' mother will be 95 in March.

Gross says she learned a lesson: that Love is always on time.

"Only thing I can say is thank God, 'cause had he not came, we wouldn't have been here today," said Gross.