Family speaks out about drug use in schools

A Collierville family is hoping to break the cycle of drug abuse at schools.

Kindyl Zantop has been keeping closer tabs on her daughter ever since she got the phone call that every parent dreads.

"She was found with a controlled substance in her purse and (they said) in about two hours you can go pick her up in juvenile court," said Zantop.

Kaela Zantop was arrested at Collierville High School carrying prescription drugs that weren't prescribed for her.

"Everyone was staring at me," Said Kaela "I was just like, 'Oh God.'"

When her arrest made it into last week's Campus Crime report, mother and daughter agreed that going public might help other families deal with the problem of drugs in school.

"I had no idea that its as rampant as it is in the school systems and I think the school systems may not be doing enough to stop it," said Kindyl.

Kaela was suspended from Collierville High for 180 days. The student she accuses of selling her the drugs was never arrested.

"The message that got sent to her, to my daughter, it's okay to sell the drugs, don't get caught buying them," said Kendyl.

Federal law prohibits school administrators from releasing student disciplinary information about students, but a county school spokesperson said: "We do investigate rumors and allegations."

While the Zantops wait for their day in court they hope parents everywhere are talking to their kids.

"Is this going on in your school do you know people that are selling drugs do you know people that are buying drugs how are they getting the drugs into the school," said Kendyl.

Questions she wished she had asked a little sooner.

District spokesman Mike Tebbe also told us that "there must be proof before disciplinary actions can be taken."

In the meantime Zantop has re-enrolled in a different school. She's scheduled to appear in court March 7th.