Memphian blames code enforcement for fire damage to his house

A rental home owner says the dilapidated house next door to his residence that caught fire and then burned his home has been a nuisance for months. Andri Steels says he complained to the city but nothing was done.

"I been contacting people for a year. I don't know who you call. You call code enforcement they say it was a contract on the house to be demolished. It hasn't been done," said Steele.

That house wasn't the only problem.

The first house that burned a year ago was used as a dumping ground.

Mattresses, couches, other garbage dumped there on a regular basis.

Andri Steele says he told Code Enforcement the homes were a danger.

So Action News 5 contacted Johnie McKay with Code Enforcement to find out why the mess hadn't been cleaned up. " My records does not reflect that we have taken any calls or had any calls sent down to us from the gentleman that lives at 1050," said Johnie McKay with Code Enforcement.

But McKay says his department has been working to condemn the properties next door to Steele's for more than a year. "its a process that by law we must notify everybody who has a financial interest in the property and then wait on an answer or at least a reply from them," said McKay.

And that takes time.

Unfortunately for Andri Steele, it took too long, and now he's faced with trying to fix the fire damage to his home.

If you have a similar problem, call the Mayor's Citizens Service Center at 576-6500.