Families upset about missing grave markers

Several Memphis families expressed outrage Monday because they couldn't find their loved ones' graves at one Memphis cemetery.

When Rhonda Jones showed up at New Park Memorial Gardens, her mother's final resting place, she got the shock of her life.

"They got a pile of dirt on my mother's grave no marker, no headstone, no nothing," she said.

William Ellis also showed up to check on his son's grave.

"I haven't found him, and he was right here where he was buried," he said.

Shirley Bobo told Action News 5 a similar story.

"Its a really, really bad, hurting feeling," she said. "I loved my grandmother, she raised me."

All three are demanding that officials at New Park Memorial Gardens tell them what happened.

Cemetery officials declined to talk on camera to Action News 5, but off camera they blamed the problem on recent rains that turned a lot of their grave sites into mud, making them harder to find."

A New Park spokeswoman said as funerals were conducted at the cemetery, some markers identifying graves were destroyed or moved as vehicles and mourners trampled over mud soaked areas. Cemetery officials said their blueprints tell them where everyone is buried.

Now they are in the process of putting out new temporary markers for certain grave sites.